Building Your 2012 Survival Kit


If you’re not familiar with the 2012 “end of days” prophecies, then you’re already behind the 8 ball in terms of the preparation of your 2012 survival kit.

There are a lot of different scenarios that could play out, all of which are quite severe, but the most widespread doomsday scenario for 2012 deals with a magnetic pole shift, where the Earth’s North and South poles respectively invert positions.

Make Your Own 2012 Survival Kit

Now, the effects of this shift are up for debate, but many speculate catastrophic earthquakes, power outages, floods, food shortages, and out-and-out mayhem when civilization at large panics and quickly burns through its resources. It’s not enough to be prepared to face such an event head on; you have to be ready for life after the dust settles.

You have to do what it takes to make it and that means being prepared for anything and everything. You can get everything you need through Army Navy Shop.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best – that’s the slogan that every survivalist should live by. But when it comes to preparation, you’re looking at long-term survival for a 2012 scenario. You’re looking at the possibility that the rest of your life will be spent as one of only a pocket of survivors, ala The Book of Eli or The Road.

You need a thorough survival pack and the items for a survival checklist, both of which we’ve covered on this site. But that’s just the easy stuff. After you have those things, you need to start thinking about items for long-term survival. We’ll cover that below.

2012 Survival Kit Essentials

Increased food stores: Do you know how to can foods? If not, you should get busy with the process. You want to be stocked up with food that will last. Canned green beans and corn won’t cut it. You need food items with calories and nutrition to keep you going. Start thinking about dried meats and produce; entire canned meals; honey; and other shelf-stable items.

Water purification: Odds are good that there will still be water around in a 2012 scenario, including rain water. However, you need to ensure that your water is safe to drink. This means having water filters, pH testing strips, a way to purify water, and a proper place to store water; all of this on top of the water you’re already storing. You can get some great water purification supplies at Pure Water Freedom.

A ditch location: Maybe you have a fortified position, but you always need a backup plan. If your original position becomes compromised, you want to have a location you can head to – often called a “bug out” spot. Don’t spread your resources too thinly, but make sure you have an alternative safe spot should you need to ditch.

Gathering knowhow: 2012 is quickly approaching, so you won’t have time to learn so many new skills. A great way to ensure that you can hunt properly, clean your water, prepare your food safely, etc, is to start collecting books on various subjects. Surviving after doomsday will be a learning process.

Original gear: Remember, the 2012 list is just an increased, reinforced version of the original survival checklist and pack. You still need all the basic survival essentials; you just need more of them now.

Your 2012 survival kit isn’t something that you can throw in a book-bag or keep in a storage locker. It’s a culmination of goods, locations, strategies and smarts on your part.

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